Support services for local authorities & regions


Within the framework of this administrative reform, our company, listening to the needs that will arise from the Regions and Municipalities nationwide by the implementation of this program, provides the following services:


  1. Recording, liquidation of ownership and exploitation of municipal property.
  2. Legal support for licensing – regularization of illegal (unauthorized) buildings, registration of properties in the Land Registry.
  3. Specialized maturity and NSRF (ESPA) Project Management Services.
  4. Use of Funding and Productive Resources Services.
  5. Organization and development of Municipal Port Funds.
  6. Siting – exploitation of Tourist Ports (marinas, tourist shelters).
  7. Specialized support services for the rational planning of operation of Municipality Services and the submission of proposals in digital convergence (e-government).
  8. Feasibility study for the contributory organization and outsourcing of waste collection.
  9. Specialized organization services, citizen services and investment attraction services.
  10. Feasibility study for the contributory organization and outsourcing of IT infrastructure.
  11. Specialized planning and implementation services of internal organizational changes and process efficiency improvement services for Municipalities (OP Administrative Reform).
  12. Conducting of investigation for the educational needs of the Municipality’s officials.
  13. Assessment systems for the performance of the Municipality’s officials at an individual and group level.
  14. Specialized social organization services, services for addressing exclusion and poverty phenomena, support of employment etc.


  1. Identifying the most appropriate source of funding that serves the development needs of a Body.
  2. Drafting of datasheets for the funding of operations from Sectoral and Regional Programs 2014-2020.
  3. Technical Consultancy Services for the monitoring and management of the material and financial aspects of projects.
  4. Planning, Implementation and Monitoring Calendar for the Project Management.
  5. Drafting of regular reports, progress statements and project expenditure statements.
  6. Drafting of report at the conclusion of operations.

  The European Commission for the period of 2014-2020 mentions the following objectives:

  1. Smart growth: Development of an economy based on knowledge and innovation.
  2. Sustainable Development: Promotion of a more resource-efficient, greener and more competitive economy.
  3. Inclusive growth: An economy with high employment rate that will achieve social and territorial cohesion.

Claiming of financial instruments by the European Union (direct- straight from the European Commission and indirect-through the Greek state) requires solid foundation, organization and a reliable public image.

The purpose is not only for the Municipality/ Region to build this public image, but also to create a permanent structure for monitoring, submitting and exploiting the European financial instruments, which can be accomplished through the direct operation of such an office that will exclusively handle the exploitation of European programs.

The pillars on which forming a reliable image will be based are Knowledge, Initiative, Networking and Enthusiasm.

HOW all the above will be accomplished:

  • Exchange of know-how with other Municipalities which have already been benefited by the participation in pan-European project consortia.
  • Presence in pan-European conferences.
  • Participation (member) in pan-European organizations of Municipalities, Regions and Communities so that our Municipality may gain recognition and partners.
  • Inter-municipal and interregional cooperations for attracting programs.
  • Online profile, substantial presence on social media, dynamic website.