Electric Vehicle Charging Plan

Φόρτιση ηλεκτρικού αυτοκινήτου

The promotion of electric mobility in our country, following the enactment of the Greek law 4710/20 and the stimulation of the project “I MOVE ELECTRICALLY”, with funding from the Greek Green Fund, is carried out with the establishment of the “road map” for the location of parking and charging stations of vehicles throughout the Greek territory.

The Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy defines the technical instructions for the Electric Vehicle Charging Plans, in which Greek municipalities are obliged to prepare.

The Electric Vehicle Charging Plans as well as the locations of the charging points have to do with:

  • Existing outdoor or covered municipal parkings
  • Existing temporary parking spaces, free and controlled parking (urban centers of municipalities, areas of increased visit and overcrowded urban areas)
  • New outdoor / covered parking spaces
  • Terminals and selected points of public and urban transportation
  • Tourist bus services areas
  • Power supply service areas of electrical vehicles
  • Legally designated stop or parking points
  • Parking spaces for disabled vehicles

Future Cooperation, having many years of experience in providing consulting services in matters of innovation and avant-garde of companies and government agencies, has designed a comprehensive project for electric vehicles that can properly adapted to every Greek Municipality.

The company offers complete guidance for the project implementation process as well as mediates in the process of finding investment schemes to support the project.

So far, Future Cooperation’s e-mobility team is working on the plan of the collaborating municipalities following four stages and the procedures that make up each of them.

Ηλεκτρικά οχήματα

1st Stage

  • Analysis of the Current Situation
  • Mapping of the Intervention Area
  • Selection of Electric Vehicle Recharge Points
  • Creation of Scenarios for the Development of an Integrated Charging Network of Electric Vehicles
  • Monitoring of Electric Vehicle Recharge Needs

2nd Stage

  • Participatory Procedures – Consultation

3rd Stage

  • Cost-benefit analysis and choice of implementation methodology
  • Location / licensing plan for recharging points and schedule.
  • Folder Completion & Plan Implementation


Learn more about electromobility in your Municipality, through Future Cooperation’s Electric Vehicle Charging Plan!