Fast Track Investments: Creation of Photovoltaic Stations 850 MW


The Fast Track offers an unprecedented for Greek data investment security environment as it functions as a tool to accelerate the processes of implementing strategic investments, whether they come from the private sector or they come from public-private partnership.

The Fast Track process can ensure the necessary speed and disengagement from possible bureaucratic bottlenecks by introducing a comprehensive framework of rules, procedures and obligations in conjunction with binding deadlines for consideration and approval or rejection of each potential investment plan.

Future Cooperation undertakes on behalf of its clients the process of organizing the stages that must be completed until the approval of the strategic investments, the organization and coordination of the licensing process of the strategic investment projects, moving as a link between both the public and the private sector.

Our company has undertaken the arrangement of technical files of investment plans concerning the creation of 20 photovoltaic stations (850 MW.) in various areas of Greece, on behalf of the Aquila Capital group.

The German group Aquila Capital is the leading investment manager in real estate solutions, operating in more than 14 countries. Its strategy for sustainable investment focuses on investments in areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, infrastructure, green logistics, timber and agriculture.

Our services for the work of photovoltaic stations focus on:

  • Submission of applications for licenses for electricity generation
  • Elaboration of research and studies
  • Preparation of topographic plans
  • Creation of spatial plans for the project facilities
  • Compilation of newsletters on the progress of the project

The budget of the construction project of the photovoltaic stations implemented by Future Cooperation amounted to approximately 674,000,000€.