Development of renewable energy sources (RES) projects


Future Cooperation undertakes the preparation of the required studies, as well as the licensing procedure for PV projects, wind farm projects, biomass projects, hydroelectric projects and osmosis technology projects.

The engineers of Future Cooperation are graduate engineers specialized in the field they handle:

  1. Exploiting opportunities for RES.
  2. Compatibility check with Special Spatial Planning for the RES.
  3. Economic and Technical Studies of RES projects.
  4. Coordination and monitoring of studies.
  5. Management of approval/ licensing by the Energy Regulatory Authority etc. (Law No. 2773/99 & Law No. 3468/2006).
  6. Supervision of technical construction works.
  7. Energy auditor services.
  8. Preparation of all other technical studies related to the investment.
  9. Financial/economic studies and estimation of the efficiency and security level of each investment.
  10. Handling of all actions required for licensing.
  11. Completion of processes and studies in which the Energy Regulatory Authority, the System Operator (Independent Power Transmission Operator-ADMIE), Public Power Corporation (DEI) and other services (Regions, Archaeological Services, Forestry Inspectorates, Ministry of Environment & Energy etc.) are involved.
  12. Upgrade of building envelope.
  13. Modernization of energy consumption networks.
  14. Digital control of “errors” and operations.
  15. Bioclimatic design of buildings and redevelopment of open spaces.
  16. Inclusion of Projects & Actions in the Co-Financed Programs of Energy Savings.
  17. Development of RES Energy Infrastructures in Public Properties/ Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)/ Concessions etc.