Licensing of water airport services


Future Cooperation undertakes all the actions required for the licensing of water airports.

  1. Preparation of technical file.
  2. Water Airport Operations Manual.
  3. Water Airport Security Manual.
  4. Water Airport Emergency Situations Manual.
  5. Water Airport Business Plan.
  6. Maps indicating the ditching and mooring positions of seaplanes.
  7. Topographic imaging indicating the water airport equipment and infrastructure.
  8. Photos of the areas where the water airports will be created.
  9. Study of the Water Airport Environmental Impact.
  10. Documents legitimizing the Water Airport’s owner.
  11. Administrative fee for the submission of the technical file.
  12. Examination of request.
  13. Submission of application to the competent Directorate of the Ministry of Transport.
  14. Transmission of technical file to other competent authorities for evaluation.
  15. Examination of the technical file.
  16. Inspection of the Water Airport by the Competent Committee.
  17. Approval of the Study of the Water Airport Environmental Impact.
  18. Issuing of license for the Water Airport Operation.