Support services for Businesses & Individuals


1. Preparation of Strategic Planning Studies

Conducting of studies for the formulation of all procedures defining the strategy and of the directions required by a company, as well as of the most important decisions that it will have to take.


2. Operational Planning - Organization Studies & Business Plan

By always focusing on achieving the company’s targets, we undertake the analysis of its internal and external environment, the performance assessment and the planning of tactics for its improvement.


3. Project Management - Technical Support Consultant Services

Full customer technical support with the provision among others of the monitoring of the time and financial planning of the projects, drafting of the required reports, assessment of equipment or software and facilities, drawing up of specifications etc.


4. Studies of Introduction - Diffusion of Innovations in Businesses

Preparation of studies for understanding the new needs of the customer’s – business’ field, organization of qualitative research through focus groups for brainstorming and creation of scenarios for converting new ideas into business opportunities.


5. Studies of Measuring the Quality of Services

Preparation of studies with the use of specialized tools for measuring both the quality of services and the assessment of customer satisfaction. Provision of integrated solutions regarding the planning and development of Quality Management Systems, adjusted to the environment and the customer’s specific demands.


6. Introduction Studies and Introduction of New Products in Markets

Organization and conducting of quantitative and qualitative studies, assessment of results and creation of scenarios testing the suitability of the product to be introduced in the market on behalf of the customer.


7. Assessment of Investment Projects

Drafting of investment proposals and exploring of the optimal financing sources, feasibility and sustainability studies, development, administration and management of investment projects. Preparation of economic and technical studies.


8. European Development Programs and Financial Instruments

Integrated management of the request from the early stage of identifying the most suitable programs, the application for receiving funding, to the constant monitoring and assessment of the stages until the final approval.


9. Legal Advice

Consulting services on corporate governance and the protection of partners’ rights, conclusion of specialized transfer of shares contracts or of corporate share, as well as consulting on the establishment, acquisition or selling of companies.


10. Mentoring Services

Integrated guidance services, adjusted to the customer’s needs. Guidance on targeting, avoidance of business mistakes and the identification of opportunities.


11. Marketing and Sales Solutions Services - Promotion Services

Preparation of market research, data processing, preparation of marketing plan, monitoring of competition, measuring of customer satisfaction, organization of the customer sales department, preparation of promotion plan, planning of promotional initiatives and checking of their efficiency.


12. Coaching Services

Coaching and executive coaching programs organized in collaboration with the business/entity and in accordance with its needs, aiming at reinforcing the learning of new knowledge and at the developing of new skills by employees and executives.


13. Development Consultancy Services and Business Restructuring Services

Preparation of diagnostic studies of each business, thorough analysis of its financial data, processes, strategy and targets, analysis of existing structures and operations of the business, aiming at the sustainable reorganization or its further development.


14. GDPR Consultancy/ Certification Services

Assessment of GDPR needs for the customer and his field, drafting of plan for the adjustment and compliance of all the customer’s services with the GDPR rules.


15. Accounting Services, Accounting Coverage

Accounting support, drawing up of balance sheets and financial statements, complete coverage of companies on payroll and work-related issues, ongoing update on all accounting, tax and insurance changes.


16. Tax consulting/ Tax Solutions and Suggestions

Handling of all types of tax debts, filling of tax forms in the tax authorities and to every competent body, tax support and advice on extensive immovable property issues.


17. Establishment of a New Start-up Company

Integrated provision of consultancy services for the customer who wants to enter the business field with a Start-up company by undertaking the creation of the establishment file and all the necessary procedures for the submission of financial proposals-subsidy.


18. Establishment of Offshore and Non-Resident Companies

Establishment, legal registration and maintaining of offshore companies, assessment for the establishment of a company, for the exploitation of real estate and immovable property, as well as provision of support for the specialized needs of non-resident companies, regardless of nationality, such as registration of vessel, change of flag, mortgages etc.


19. Exploitation of Customer Base

Assessment and exploitation of the existing customer base services, assessment and evaluation of the customer’s collaborations at a B2B and B2C level, drafting of a plan for expanding the customer base.


20. Public Works & Tendering for Public Works

Ongoing monitoring of news and opportunity research for the participation of the customer in tenders of the field he is interested. Drafting of proposals and submission of dossier to the competent Ministries and bodies, organization of procedures for the successful undertaking and completion of each project.


21. Public Debts Management Services

Provision of a complete and accurate view of legal actions to be followed for the settlement of financial and other pending issues.


22. Insurance Services

Integrated insurance packages, provision of qualitative and qualitative solutions adjusted to the needs of your business, such as protection of movable and immovable property, insurance packages for employees etc.


23. Over-indebted Businesses - Business solutions

In collaboration with lawyers, we undertake negotiations with banks by providing full legal coverage, while our economists continue to provide their services by monitoring and offering advice throughout the process.


24. Collecting Debts - Solutions and Proposals

Provision of an integrated solution to the customer by organizing his collection of debts, monitoring the process of collection by his customers, as well as full assessment and information for possible legal procedures that are to be followed.


25. Banking Solutions – Asset Management

Services that ensure real solutions for the customer to the credit institutions and banks. Among others, they regard investment scenarios, funds transfer arrangement, as well as the customer’s credit rating.


26. Shipping Services – Ships and Yachts

Arranging and chartering of ships and recreational crafts on behalf of the customer, ensuring complete proposals and management services, validly arranging the review of contracts and charter parties.


27. Outsourcing Solutions – External Company Departments and Solutions

The assignation of the services provided by the customer to external departments of other companies (e.g. HR, Accounting, Secretarial Support etc.) is a service that with the guidance of Future Cooperation Consulting reduces the operational costs of the customer while increasing his sales.


28. Matters of Inheritance - Property

Specialized provision of solutions regarding issues of fair distribution of property – sharing of inheritance, valuation of assets, drawing up of notarial acts and wills, challenge of will, acceptance of inheritance etc.


29. Brokers – trade – your buyer – Negotiating Research Services

Having the interest of our customer as our first priority, our team organizes the market research on behalf of its customer in case he wishes to proceed in a purchase, while it also handles the negotiations to achieve the best acquisition price.


30. Management of Businesses in Crisis

This service offers to the customer the assessment of possible risks/opportunities for the prevention of potential future issues that may cause harm, as well as the creation of a response mechanism and the constant consultancy support in case of crisis.


31. Real estate – your buyer – Negotiating Research Services

The customer’s wish to find a property in the best possible price is fulfilled through an efficient market research on our part and the selection of buildings fully adjusted to his needs, as well as through a complete negotiation plan.


32. Exports Development - Outward-Looking Approach of Businesses

The Future Cooperation Consulting team undertakes the internal analysis and exploring of the customers possibilities, the formulating of objectives of the export policy and by shaping the appropriate criteria proceeds to finding possible partners abroad.


33. Management and Protection of Assets

Protection management or concession of the customer’s assets service.


34. Secretarial Support Services and Processing Services

Provision of processing services for the customers, including among others, payments (electricity bills, other funds, tax office payments), issuing of certificates, issuing of authorizations, licenses etc.



35. Trade-Business Agreements and Franchise

Future Cooperation Consulting assesses on behalf of its customer possible investment opportunities and potential franchisees, the development and support of the franchise network, as well as the staffing of the franchise business with human resources.


36. Network - International Relations & Lobbying

The international network or representatives and partners that we have built in the many years experience so far can substantially benefit our customer regarding issues that concern him through ensuring proper, prompt and valid information on safer plans, investment and decisions to be made.