Ομιλία του κ. Νικόλα Χαραλάμπους

Dear friends and partners,

Future Cooperation for over fifteen years now has been the business and operational unit through which I personally, the executives and our partners pursue the implementation of professional goals and aspirations that are broadly identical to the goals and desires of our customers.

Our philosophy is based on 5 main principles, which are reflected in all company activities.

  1. Understanding of Need

We understand your Need, your concerns and your Dreams for Development. More specifically, through an interactive process we investigate and record your needs. We understand your vision, we expand it and we raise possible concerns.

  1. Knowledge in Analysis

We have the Knowledge to Analyze your needs properly and organize them. More specifically, through our experience and the technological tools we have developed, we analyze your needs in depth, we organize them based on their priority and we shape a clear plan.

  1. Creativity in Finding a Solution

Our mind thinks creatively so as to find the solution that suits you and we do find it. More specifically, guided by the vision you described and the plan that we shaped based on your needs, we work on providing you with customized solutions to ensure the present and lay solid foundations for the future.

  1. Efficiency in Implementation

Practice has shown that most of the times all studies and visions are not fulfilled due to the challenges of everyday life. We stand by your side and are willing to fulfill the business plan we created for you in the best possible way.

  1. Respect to the Customer

For all the above to have a substantial outcome for you and moral satisfaction for us, mutual respect is a one-way street. On our part, the respect to the values, to the needs and to your efforts is non-negotiable. On your part, what we require is for you to show sincere eagerness, will and offer us quality time in order for the outcome of our cooperation to create substantial added value and measurable effect.

Today, our resume includes experience in studies, supervision, organization, administration and management in more than 1500 small and big projects or small and big technical and economic fields from different positions of responsibility. The successful completion of tasks and the active involvement in the complex economic, institutional and investment environment has made us a recognized and known member of the companies involved in the Project Management and Technical Consultancy market.

Future Cooperation is dynamically developing in the field of services and it promises Integrated Project Management and Technical Consultancy Services by providing its customers the possibility to expand their business horizon, to increase their flexibility and productivity.


Nikolas Charalampous