Project Management

  1. ERP – Integrated Information Systems
  2. CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  3. SaaS – Software as a Service (rental of software)
  4. Loyalty Cards
  5. Integrated Barcode Solutions
  6. Mobile Applications (iPhone, Android, Microsoft etc.)
  7. IP Call Centers (Asterisk, AVAYA, CISCO)
  8. Monitoring and recording systems
  9. Remote networking (VPN)
  10. E-Services
  11. Development of Databases & Information Warehouses (Databases, Data Enrichment, Data Enforcement/ Data Mining)
  12. AdHoc Analysis with the use of top-ranking Business Intelligence tools
  13. Process Management
  14. Activity Based Costing/ Management
  15. Dynamic monitoring of the business’ strategy in action (Balanced Screcard)
  16. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  17. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  18. Websites Development
  19. Development of Web Portals in the Public and Private Sector
  20. Geographical Information Systems (G.I.S.)