Development & Project Management

  1. Feasibility studies
  2. Sustainability studies
  3. Budget drafting and control of real budget
  4. Drafting of projected cash flows and budgetary control
  5. Costing and invoicing services
  6. Information services/ field-specific profitability services
  7. Credit policy services and credit rating tools
  8. Automated administration reports based on the customer’s needs
  9. Internal audit services, manual of audit and regulatory compliance
  10. Tax services & tax advice
  11. Tax support in difficult cases
  12. Company tax strategy
  13. Support services of associated/ affiliated companies in other countries
  14. Company establishment
  15. Accounting monitoring and legal support
  16. Management software for revenue/ expenditure and statistical analysis
  17. Drafting or check of private contracts (MOU, LOI, SLA, etc)
  18. Legal support on business issues
  19. Commencement and management of offshore companies
  20. Human Recourses Services
  21. Organizational chart & positioning, duty system
  22. Information Services