Online Gambling and Betting Licenses


Ε-entrepreneurship is widespread in our time and is constantly galloping.

E-business includes a variety of areas of activity that expand with the use of new technologies and electronic media. Electronic platforms are being created to replace the physical place of a business that has now been digitized along with its services.

Online casinos and digital betting are forms of digital businesses whose popularity is skyrocketing, as the user can instantly, quickly and easily go to the online platform and choose from a huge variety of games and bettings.

The online casino industry is known for its competitive competition between companies and to be successful, it offers a wide range of bonuses and promotions to attract players by its site.

Future Cooperation, on behalf of its client, has undertaken an advisory role in the work of creating an electronic platform for digital casinos and gambling, as well as securing the necessary license for its legal operation.

Specifically, the company undertook:

  • organizing casino legalization procedures in contact with all relevant bodies in order to secure licenses to conduct online betting and other online games.
  • consulting support in contact with the software and content development company of the e-casino.
  • guiding the customer in choosing the right gambling provider and their content, based on conducting qualitative and quantitative customer satisfaction surveys.

The total budget of the e-casino platform development project amounted to approximately € 6,000,000.