Information Technology Applications & Digital Technology Services


FUTURE COOPERATION has a specialized information technology department and has carried out a lot of projects for businesses, public bodies and organizations.

  • Installation, configuration, check, use of IT software applications & networks and user support.
  • Upgrading and updating of software applications and support of the relevant users of the software-network applications based on the existing studies and procedures.
  • Maintenance of computer systems, configuration-maintenance of computer networks by applying the existing studies and plans.
  • Sale of products associated with information technology (hardware, software, digital technology products).
  • Evaluation at an execution-implementation-maintenance of software application level by applying the existing analyses and development plans.
  • It autonomously, timely and responsibly executes technical work on the software of the information systems or of independent PCs by applying general and specific guidelines of the software developer.
  • It autonomously or by participating in development groups develops application software by understanding the operational requirements as they are indicated in relevant documents (requirements analysis) or through the guidelines of the developer (analyst).

Overall, during the decade of 2009-2019, the budget of information technology projects carried out by FUTURE COOPERATION for businesses, public bodies and organizations amounted to approximately 1.7 million €.