Provision of services for the licensing of facilities, cultivation, trading and processing of medicinal cannabis


Below you can find a brief presentation of all the studies in accordance with the applicable Greek and European Legislation for the issuing of license:

1) Topographical map with coordinates from the Hellenic Geodetic Reference System 1987 (HGRS87) of the agricultural parcel to be rented or purchased in which the business will be located.

2) Architectural study of facilities. The architectural study will be submitted and supported by our team with the ultimate goal of the NECESSARY approval by the Architecture Board before being submitted to the competent building authority.

3) Structural engineering study of facilities.

4) Energy performance of buildings study.

5) Cooling and heating study

6) Study for the active and passive fire protection of the premises. This study will be also approved by the competent fire service.

7) Electromechanical study (with all the required certificates).

8) Study for the water supply of premises.

9) Study for the sewage of premises.

10) Gas fuel study (if required).

11) Insurance and health plan and insurance and health dossier.

12) Drafting of the owner’s tax files.

13) Greenhouse study.

14) Water concession (water abstraction study).

15) Study for road construction and transport connection of entrance-exit.

16) Licensing of generating sets.

17) Planning of the production process in the greenhouse unit.

18) Production planning affects all the following (machinery, performance estimation etc.), to which we will be directly or indirectly involved due to machinery and construction certificates.

19) Conceptual study with individual studies of:

  • Lighting
  • Irrigation
  • Cooling
  • Heating
  • Fertilizing

20) Basic design

21) Implementation study with GMP standards