European and National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) Programs

Future Cooperation consultants offer complete technical support to their clients and by undertaking the respective project they apply individualized tactics in order to provide financial development tools for the start-ups, new and existing companies.

The company, following the expression of interest of the customer for a European or NSRF subsidy program, implements five stages to ensure the best result and the maximum absorption of the grant:

1st Stage
The client informs about the basic elements of his business and needs by giving data before the pre-evaluation.

2nd Stage
The pre-evaluation and at the same time the research that suits the client’s profile is carried out.

3rd Stage

The ideal NSRF program is selected and all the supporting documents are collected.


4th Stage
Preparation of Economic and Technical Study
The expert advisors of Future Cooperation prepare an economic-technical study adapted to the pre-requisite criteria of the respective program and are continuously audited during the submission process.

5th Stage
Implementation of the Program
The company is by the side of the client controlling the implementation process and makes disbursements if requested.

By implementing these five stages, Future Cooperation has managed to integrate many companies into both E.U and NSRF subsidy programs, including:

• European Program “Horizon 2014-2020” for research and innovation, to face important social challenges

• European Program “Life” for the environment and climate change

• European Program “COSME 2014-2020” for the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises

• European Program “SME Instrument” to support small, medium and innovative enterprises

• Operational Program “North Aegean” 2014-2020

• Support for Existing & New Businesses

• Operational Program “North Aegean” 2014-2020

• Strengthening the establishment of small & very small innovative businesses

• Subsidizing interest on existing loans to small and medium-sized enterprises affected by measures to tackle the COVID pandemic 19

• Competitiveness Toolbox for small & very small businesses

• Quality Modernization

• Support for urban and long-distance transport companies

• Modernization – upgrading of medium-sized enterprises in Central Greece

• Supporting companies for their upgrade through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and automation systems “of the Region of Central Greece

• Supporting companies for their modernization through the use of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) of the Peloponnese Region

• Strengthening the establishment-modernization of SME companies with emphasis on innovation and development of new products and services of the Peloponnese Region

• Environmental Infrastructure – Waste Management