Gym Chain Franchise Network Management


Future Cooperation during its many years of experience in the field of consulting and design services, has developed the service provided by the organization of an integrated business plan for the development of a franchise system on the part of its clients.

The crucial step for a company to enter a specific category of trade is to evaluate the market and explore and select the best opportunities.

Future Cooperation, on behalf of its customers:

  • introduces procedures for the planning and implementation of market research activities, for the collection and analysis of necessary information
  • prepares a business plan, which will plan and document the profit margins and sales volume that will ensure the viability of the franchise companies, the basic terms of the franchise agreement, the estimated cash flows, etc.
  • guides the process of drafting the franchise agreement,studying and recording in the contract important details such as the duration of the contract, the drafting of special terms and obligations franchisor or franchisee, the determination of possible entry fees etc.
  • contributes with the customer to the development of an operating system that ensures that the company will follow a protocol that is in line with the policy of the franchise chain.


Until now, Future Cooperation has undertaken, among other things, the task of creating and organizing a franchise network of the newly established gym chain “Body Goals”, on behalf of its client in Greece.

The Body Goals Franchising System is an ambitious investment plan with a series of integrated proposals and solutions of strategic importance. With a strong competitive advantage in providing a full range of fitness services at very affordable prices, Body Goals gyms are a strong choice for collaboration for both existing entrepreneurs and new investors.

The responsibilities of our company regarding the specific project are:

-the creation of a business plan

-the diagnostic study of franchising development

-the preparation of an integrated development plan

-the development & evaluation of a pilot Body Goals gym

-the undertaking and organization of the procedures concerning the package of assignment of operating rights of the brand name of the gyms in Greece.

-the training of executives

-finding real estate

-supervising the construction of stores

The total amount of the project amounted to approximately € 500,000.